Porcelain Tiles and Planters at Vega, Miles Street
Porcelain Tiles and Planters at Vega, Miles Street

Fire-safe Rooftop Terrace

Designing the terrace from the ground up, they formed a platform using Raaft’s modular system of 50mm Aluminium Joists supported on Fire-rated Adjustable Pedestals to create a level, loadbearing base for the heavy planters, and Floor Structure Panels were placed at planter locations to provide a stable, permeable base for planting.

To complement the natural colour palette of the entire project, Straight Planter Walls were powder-coated to RAL 7044 (Silk Grey), a durable, low-maintenance surface that also complies with Class A fire regulations.

To create additional visual interest, the architects also harmonised three colours from the Atria Roma range of porcelain tiles - Atria Roma Copper, Atria Roma Lead and Atria Roma Natural – for the walkways and seating areas. Porcelain is an extremely durable, low-maintenance, Class A fire-rated product that is rot-proof, mould and moss-resistant and safe even when wet.

Sourcing all hard landscaping from one manufacturer ensured full compatibility between the various products and meant the designers, client and installers all liaised with a single team from design to completion.

Terrace System Installation at Vega, Miles Street
Fire-safe Terrace System at Vega, Miles Street

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