Mustard Wharf decking
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Fire-safe Materials

The client’s original preference for the decking surface was powder-coated aluminium, but as this product only has a Class A2 fire rating they opted for the striking dark-wood effect of Raaft’s Class A1-rated Farrino 'Cocoa' porcelain decking. Other considerations that influenced this decision were Farrino’s resistance to wind uplift and scratch-resistant, slip-resistant surface. 

The architects also specified Raaft’s fire-rated support structure, using Raaft aluminium joists and fire-rated metal pedestals to create a fully compliant terrace.

Mustard Wharf planters
Mustard Wharf decking & planters
Mustard Wharf terrace

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Farrino Porcelain Decking

Farrino Porcelain Decking

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