Farrino - Cocoa

Cocoa is a colour that is elegant, dark, and just requires polishing occasionally to sport an immaculate look. As the slats in this tone are placed adjacent to each other, they form an interesting pattern and because of being dark, your porcelain decking will not dirt easily. Being fire, wind, and slip safe, Farrino is the perfect solution for a roof terrace that needs to comply with fire safety regulations

Made in Spain and tailor-made for commercial establishments for being reliable, durable and elegant, Farrino Cocoa allows for a real contrasting look when the surroundings include natural colour walls and light-coloured furniture. The board shines when sunlight falls on it and is simple to replace. Areas like an open terrace with trees and planters, or a pool area, Farrino Cocoa should be your top choice. Farrino Cocoa will also form a perfect contrasting look where there is greenery all around.

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Profile Height 26mm
Length 1.202m
Width 141mm
Thickness 26mm

Suitable for:

  • Raaft's fully modular Class A fire-rated Terrace System 
  • Use with Raaft Fire-rated Adjustable Pedestals and non-combustible Raaft Joists.  
  • Outdoor installations where humidity could present a problem for wood, resins, plastics and other types of materials


  • Class A Fire-rated 
  • High resistance to abrasion due to technical characteristics 
  • Frost resistance 
  • Anti-slip 
  • Thermostable 
  • Highly resistant to stains 
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