Raaft Planter at 135 Bishopsgate
Raaft Composite Decking at 135 Bishopsgate

Overcoming wind uplift

Given the exposed position of some terrace areas, wind uplift was regarded as a potential challenge. To overcome this, tie-down clips were used to secure the decking to the Raaft support structure which incorporated extruded aluminium joists and adjustable pedestals to ensure stable, level walkways and seating areas.

Soft landscaping was contained in planters, custom powder coated in a variety of shades including RAL 7021, RAL 7048 & BS04 E50 - PINK to complement those of the building. Raaft Floor Structure Support Panels were incorporated within the terrace system to provide a sturdy, permeable platform for the planters without penetrating the roof slab’s waterproofing layer.

135 Bishopsgate Planter by Raaft
Seating Area at 135 Bishopsgate
135 Bishopsgate

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Terrafina Composite Decking

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