Preventa® Metal Pedestals and Accessories

Our adjustable metal pedestals, designed for use alongside our Aluminium Joists, provide ideal support for the Raaft® BRoof(t4) Fire Rated Terrace System. Additionally, our range of Pedestal Accessories, including Spacer Tabs, Joist Connection Clips, Top Slope Correctors, and Pedestal Extender Units, ensures the creation of a stunning class A fire-rated terrace.

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Metal pedestal

Versijack Plastic Pedestals And Accessories

Our range of height adjustable plastic pedestals are easy to use and engineered for high performance. Being both height and slope-adjustable, they are suitable for almost any environment.

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Plastic pedestal

Preventa® Aluminium Joists and Accessories

Raaft® Aluminium Joists, available in 30mm, provide a versatile platform for decking, paving, and other surfaces.

Our comprehensive range of Aluminium Joist Accessories includes all you need to build a robust and secure terraced area, featuring Joist bracing struts, Mounting & access clips, Tile spacers, Connection clips/plugs, Blanking caps, and Support wings.

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Aluminium joists

Structa Floor Structure Panels

Our floor structure panel system offers a durable foundation for planters, benches, and the surface of your preference. These sustainable panels are easy to install without requiring concrete. The Raaft panels seamlessly pairs with our preventa system, securely attached to the joist system to prevent wind uplift.

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Floor structure panels

Benefits Of Raaft® Support Structures

Sustainable materials icon

Sustainable materials

Manufactured using sustainable materials with no compromise on quality.

Easy to install icon

Easy to install

With no fixtures required, each component comes together seamlessly for a quick installation.

Made with recycled products icon

Made with recycled products

Developed and manufactured with the environment at heart for long-term sustainability.

Adjustable icon


Height and slope-adjustable pedestals for use in almost any environment.

Durable icon


Manufactured to last for a solution that won't let you down.

BRoof(t4) rated icon

BRooft(t4) Rated

Support structures made from fire and corrosion-resistant steel.

Drainage icon


The Raaft terrace system is engineered for optimum drainage.

Lightweight icon


Support structures are strong but lightweight and easy to in stall.

Support structure in progress
Raaft support structure with floor structure panels installed