Metal Adjustable Pedestals

Metal Adjustable Pedestals are simple to install and will provide the ideal support for the Raaft Fire-rated Terrace System, Class A Fire-Rated modular terrace system. These height-adjustable metal pedestals are designed for supporting Raaft Aluminium Joists in the external terrace support structure system. Engineered to support pavers and decking, reducing material, construction, and lifestyle costs.

These metal pedestals are made from zinc-coated steel and are available in a range of 16 adjustable heights. The flat base diameter ensures an even load distribution. Each pedestal's height is easily adjustable to suit the substrate conditions. An integral locking ring provides ultimate stability. The pedestals are non-combustible and corrosion-resistant.

The measurements below include the total height of the pedestal and connector clip.

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Pedestal Weight Loadings

SKU code Height range Weight per ped Weight capacity
341010 31-40mm 0.36 KGS 12 kN
341011 35-45mm 0.39 KGS 12 kN
341012 45-55mm 0.40 KGS 12 kN
341013 55-75mm 0.44 KGS 12 kN
341014 65-130mm 0.45 KGS 12 kN
341015 80-120mm 0.50 KGS 12 kN
341016 95-145mm 0.51 KGS 12 kN
341017 115-190mm 0.59 KGS 12 kN
341018 140-215mm 0.63 KGS 12 kN
341019 155-230mm 0.66 KGS 12 kN
341020 190-265mm 0.68 KGS 12 kN
341021 205-280mm 0.72 KGS 12 kN
341022 240-315mm 0.76 KGS 12 kN
341023 255-330mm 0.83 KGS 12 kN
341024 305-380mm 0.85 KGS 12 kN
341025 355-430mm 0.92 KGS 12 kN
Base Diameter 140mm
Composition Zinc-coated Steel

Suitable for:

  • Use with the entire Raaft Fire-Rated Terrace System for the ultimate non-combustible fully modular terrace 
  • Use with paving or decking 
  • Excellent load bearing capability 


  • Class A Fire-rated 
  • Made from fire and corrosion-resistant zinc-coated steel
  • Easy to install 
  • Flat base diameter ensure an even load distribution 
  • Available in a range of 16 progressive height increments 
  • Easily removed and reused 
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