Emergency and Disaster Relief

Under RRT unique tents, individuals from diverse backgrounds find shelter and refreshment during times of crisis. Regardless of the nature of the crisis, RRT is honored to assist frontline heroes tirelessly working to overcome the situation and those directly affected by the disaster.

At Raaft®, we also believe in the importance of helping those around us and take pride in supporting RRT . Compassion in action – supporting communities in need

Atria Porcelain Tiles

Incorporate roof terraces into your design

By incorporating terraces and roof gardens into a residential or commercial building design or redevelopment, architects, property developers, and landlords can create green spaces where residents or workers can relax, unwind and socialise in a natural environment.

Raaft® modular terrace systems, decking, tiles, and planters are all designed for easy installation, low maintenance, and extended product life with a wide choice of surfaces, colours, and textures that complement both traditional and contemporary building design.

People standing on Tailors Corner