Connect with Nature to Maintain Mental Well-being

A mental health problem can be a frightening, lonely and confusing experience for a sufferer. Friends and family, colleagues and employers often don’t know how to help. And yet this is a problem that affects one in four people every year.

By raising awareness and understanding, Mind seeks to destigmatise mental health and make professional support and resources more readily available.

At Raaft, we also believe in the importance of prevention as well as cure. We also know that connecting with nature – also known as biophilia –  is one of the most effective means of maintaining mental wellbeing, but access to natural environments isn’t always easy, particularly in heavily developed urban areas.

Atria Porcelain Tiles

Incorporate roof terraces into your design

By incorporating terraces and roof gardens into a residential or commercial building design or redevelopment, architects, property developers, and landlords can create green spaces where residents or workers can relax, unwind and socialise in a natural environment.

Raaft modular terrace systems, decking, tiles, and planters are all designed for easy installation, low maintenance, and extended product life with a wide choice of surfaces, colours, and textures that complement both traditional and contemporary building design.

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