Rooftop Garden at Hoxton, London
Rooftop Garden on Underwood Street, London

Realising that the roof of the old building was delicate and could not be interfered with, Ula Maria decided to use a Raaft modular terrace system to support the decking and planters of her design.

With the Raaft Terrace System's lightweight extruded aluminium joists and adjustable pedestals, Mark Whyman Landscapes were able to easily transport all elements of the system up to the roof space and create a strong, stable, and level platform that would support the heavy planters and composite wood-polymer decking that Ula had specified.

Raaft Floor Structure Panels were used underneath all planters on the terrace to provide support without additional solid construction such as concrete.

Straight Planter Walls were constructed from 3mm steel and powder-coated for durability and style in Anthracite Grey to complement other hard landscaping products.

For the decking, Ula chose Terrafina Composite Decking in Plain Pebble Grey as this gives the warmth of natural wood with the durability and Class B fire rating of wood-polymer composite decking.

Dinning area at Hoxton Rooftop Garden
Decking at Hoxton Rooftop Terrace
Planters at Hoxton Rooftop Terrace

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