The Installation & Challenges

Frost Landscapes is very well acquainted with the Raaft system and undertook the entire installation of the terraces, planters, benches and lighting.

The only challenges faced in an otherwise smooth-running project were the electrical isolator box doors being supplied to an incorrect size and the discolouration of some of the wooden benches after other trades left pieces of metal lying on them. These problems will however be rectified to ensure a perfect result and a satisfied client.

curved planter
Porcelain tiles
Nine elms

Products Used

Surfaces: Atria porcelain tiles and Farrino porcelain decking

Planters: Planterline Curved with integral benches and lighting

The Result

Raaft was able to extend the ‘back to nature’ atmosphere of the building to the terrace area, complementing the 360-degree views offered by the terrace. The steel planters are extremely durable and offers a distinctive patinated surface that perfectly complements both natural and contemporary settings.

Atria porcelain tiles replicate the look of natural stone and Farrino porcelain decking gives the authenticity of a woodgrain effect.

By selecting Raaft porcelain products for the terrace, the client will enjoy the attractive appearance of natural stone and timber for many years to come, with all Raaft porcelain terrace products being weather-resistant, anti-slip, low-maintenance and fire-safe.


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Featured product

Planterline Curved

Planterline Curved from Raaft