The Challenges

Installing a roof terrace on this building presented the architects with several challenges.

For a start, its exposed position makes the roof area vulnerable to wind uplift, while the original roof structure presented loading challenges.

Intricate architectural details of the original building required façade planters with integrated drainage to complement and not distract from them.

Ongoing access to drainage outlets and davits underneath the new terrace would also be required.

The Installation

A Raaft extruded aluminium support structure was used to create a lightweight but stable base for the terrace. This spreads the weight of the flooring and planters across the roof and lifts it above any raised features of the original construction. Raaft access hatches were integrated within the structure to enable access to the drainage outlets and davits, and floor structure panels were used to provide additional support and drainage for the planters.

New Street Square Planter
New Street Square Terrace
New Street Square Surface

Products Used

Support Structures: Raaft Terrace System with Floor Structure Panels

Surfaces: Farrino Porcelain Decking in Monza Grey

Planters: Planterline Straight with lighting detail and Façade Box Planters

New Street Terrace Project
New Street Roof Terrace

The Result

This was an excellent example of the full Raaft Terrace System and its associated products being used effectively, with the entire project including installation running smoothly and resulting in a very happy client.

The Testimonial

"It was pleasure working with RAAFT on 3 New Street Square. Richard was helpful in sorting any challenges that arose on site and getting the required materials to where they needed to be at the right time."
- Nico Tempelhoff, Senior project Manager, Collins Construction.


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Planterline Straight

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