The Challenges

The Plimsoll Building was originally completed in 2013, but a full refurbishment required a complete refresh of its balconies, including replacement of the decking with a woodgrain-effect porcelain tile that would retain the original aesthetic while bringing it up to current fire regulations.

Wind uplift was another challenge that needed addressing during the upgrade.

The Installation

As the new decking required access to drainage outlets and davit points, the Raaft support structure was selected with access hatches incorporated into its construction. Raaft wind uplift clips were also used to securely hold the porcelain woodgrain-effect tiles in position, providing a near-invisible yet removable grip on the tiles.

Plimsoll building balconies ground view
Plimsoll balcony furnished
Plimsoll balcony surface

Products Used

Support Structures: Raaft Support Structures with Access Hatches

Surfaces: Atria Porcelain Tiles in Lucca Ash woodgrain effect

The Result

The installation was carried out well and according to expectations. The client and the residents of the Plimsoll Building were extremely pleased with the results as the woodgrain effect of the Atria porcelain tiles preserved the natural, organic warmth of timber decking while providing a fire-safe, non-slip, maintenance free surface. Measures to prevent wind uplift and allow easy access to areas below the decking also improved the practicality of the decking from the perspective of facilities management.


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