The benefits of our fire-rated decking

Design freedom: Available in a range of natural colours and finishes to suit your taste.

Non-combustible: These porcelain decking boards are classified as Class A1 in accordance with the EN 13501 Commission Decision 96/603/EC due to being made purely from fire-resistant materials.

Anti-wind uplift: Securely fixed with a clip system that ensures no wind uplift.

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Farrino Flax porcelain decking

Anti-slip: Extruded ceramic material with a high degree of anti-slip in any weather conditions.

High performance material: Made from durable and high-performance material that is stain resistant, frost resistant, thermostable and a high mechanical strength and absorption.

Part of a fully modular decking system: Partnered with aluminium joists, steel pedestals, bespoke fire-rated planters, roof trays and innovative fixing clips, to create a reliable and safe decking system.

Discover the endless possibilities available to you with the raaft fire-rated terrace system

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Fire-rated decking FAQs

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