The Challenges

As the landscaping was all to be supported by a concrete foundation over the basement, the weight and loading of the planters was a particular challenge. The expertise of the Raaft technical team was crucial in ensuring that even with damp soil, the planters would remain safely within the maximum loading capacity of the concrete.

The Installation

The landscape architect selected ground level Planterline Curved Planter System and Ambit Integrated Seating, both from Raaft, for the design. The planters were given organic shapes and differing heights to add interest and structure.

All of the bench seating was constructed in natural timber CorTen weathering steel was used throughout for the pool surround and planters to complement the tones of the brickwork and provide a perfect counterpoint to the verdant foliage.

Planter benches Raaft
Raaft terrace system
Westminster fire station planters

Products Used

Ground Level Planters: Planterline Curved

Seating: Ambit Integrated Seating

Raaft integrated seating
Raaft terrace system

The Result

The ground level courtyard is a haven of tranquillity, both for those who relax among the planters or sit around the fountain pool and for residents whose windows and balconies overlook it. The organic shapes of the planters and seating draw the eye onward through the design, creating a pleasant contrast to the straight lines of the surrounding buildings.

The project earned praise for its innovative design and tranquil atmosphere, winning the prestigious BALI Principal Award in 2023 for Hard Landscaping Construction (non-domestic). This award highlights the project's excellence and outstanding contribution to the field.


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Planterline Curved

Planterline Curved