The Challenges

The Plimsoll Building was originally completed in 2013, but a full refurbishment to bring it up to current fire regulations required a complete refresh of its roof terraces.

Engaged to advise on wind uplift and fire regulations, Raaft also supplied all the support structures, decking tiles and planter systems used on the terraces.

The Installation

The installation of all Raaft products was easily executed and to good effect, with floor panels installed under the planters to prevent damage to the waterproof layer beneath.

Plimsoll Terrace, London
Plimsoll Building, London
Plimsoll terrace project

Products Used

Support Structures: Raaft Support Structures with Floor Structure Panels

Surfaces: Atria Porcelain Tiles in Lucca Ash Woodgrain Effect

Planters: Planterline Straight, Powder Coating (RAL 7006)

Benches: Planterline Benches

Plimsoll roof terrace planters
planters Plimsoll roof terrace

The Result

Despite challenges arising during the course of the project, Raaft was able to ensure the terraces were designed to achieve the architect’s vision and built to both comply fully with regulations and create a long-lasting and relaxing rooftop environment.


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The Testimonial

“We build quite a lot of roof terraces which is a wonderful way to enhance the urban environment. We will often consult RAAFT right from the beginning as their suite of products are designed to fit together and offer the design quality we are looking for.

“It’s also helpful that they have in an ‘in-house’ design team who interpret our design and produce excellent workshop drawings in CAD & PDF.

“We will often ask them to provide bespoke finishes and details which they are really keen to assist with.”

- Emily Erlam, Emily Erlam Studio

Featured product

Planterline Straight

Planterline Straight from Raaft