Royal Mint Gardens Courtyard
Corten steel planter at Royal Mint Gardens

Terrace system that blends naturally with the beautiful Victorian brickwork

To create a stable, level base for the entire area without encroaching on or affecting the underlying structure, Floor Structure Panels were placed directly on Adjustable Pedestals.

Raaft Floor Structure Panel is a steel, high-performance surface support tray system that provides a sturdy and permeable platform for laying surfaces and installing planters off the ground, eliminating the need for a solid construction such as concrete.

This provided a perfect base for Straight Planter Walls Systems to be installed, with perforations in the panels allowing water run-off to naturally drain away. The planters, used at varying heights for enclosing borders and lawn areas, were manufactured in weathering steel (Corten) for corrosion-resistant durability and to blend naturally with the beautiful Victorian brickwork of some surrounding architecture.

Cantilever Offset Timber Benches create secluded seating areas at various points of the courtyard. These elements also create a visual link to the more contemporary styles in the surrounding architecture.

Corten Steel Finish

Corten steel planters and timber bench at Royal Mint Gardens
Royal Mint Gardens Courtyard
Royal Mint Gardens Courtyard

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