Planters and Benches at Old Smoke House
Residential Roof Terrace at Old Smoke House

Powder Coated Finish

Roof Terrace at Old Smoke House

One Complete Terrace System

The Raaft Terrace System was used to combat the roof slope and create a level surface. The System was also able to support a variety of surfaces, and provided a new base for a resin-bound surface, which had not previously been tested.

The pedestals were installed straight on top of the waterproofing, with the roof trays onto the pedestals. This allowed for water runoff to avoid pooling. The pedestals and joists formed the underlying support for the decking, planters, benches, and grass areas.

The sub-base also held the resin-bound roof. The galvanised Floor Structure Panels were set directly on pedestals and screwed together to make a really rigid surface that held the resin.

Raaft Benches and Planters at Old Smoke House
Raaft Planters at Old Smoke House
Raaft Benches and Planters at Old Smoke House

"The New Shoreditch"

Described as the new Shoreditch, the development is now an artistic hub aimed at creative professionals. The old industrial style blends with the new and creates an exciting, modern canal-side community with views over the Olympic site, Queen Victoria Park. Raaft's high-quality, contemporary style products give the roof terrace an excellent finish and it is an ideal communal space.


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