The Challenges

Raaft was commissioned to provide planters and benches for the three terrace levels that would add dimension to the terraces and create pleasant environments for relaxation and socialising.

One key challenge of this project was due to the proximity of the terraces to the new façade. To guarantee the planters and benches would integrate perfectly with the façade panels, highly complex design specifications had to be adhered to throughout the manufacturing process.

The Installation

By communicating closely with the façade consultants throughout the early stages of the design process and delivering the planters and benches on schedule, Raaft ensured the installation went smoothly and to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Kensington High Street Terrace
Kensington High Street bench
Kensington High Street Planters

Products Used

Planters: Planterline Straight

Benches: Ambit Integrated Seating

The Result

The addition of planted spaces above street level has created areas where office workers can relax in natural surroundings while increasing the biodiversity of the area and contributing to the re-establishment of wildlife corridors across the city.


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Featured product

Planterline Straight

Planterline Straight from Raaft