The Challenges

As with many heritage refurbishment projects, the development raised several common challenges when designing and specifying the construction of the roof terraces, including weight loadings, drainage and levels. These required close collaboration between the architect, contractor and Raaft.

Specialised metalwork finishes were also specified, adding a further dimension to the complexity of the project.

The Installation

Perhaps unsurprisingly, several challenges were encountered during the design and integration phases of the first terrace but this resulted in quickly learned lessons which were applied during the construction of the second terrace.

Raaft planter bench
Terrace floor
Raaft curved planter bench

Product Used

First Terrance

Support Structure: Raaft

Decking: Millboard

Planters: Planterline Curved in a zinc-look finish

Integral Benches: Planterline Benches

Second Terrace

Support Structure: Raaft Support Structures with Floor Structure Panels

Decking: Atria Tiles in Padua Thunder

Planters: Planterline Curved in a powder-coated finish

Integrated planter bench
Terrace tile surface

The Result

Despite the challenges faced along the way, these were resolved satisfactorily and overall the customer was pleased with the results.


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Featured product

Ambit integrated seating

Integrated seating Raaft