Corten Steel Planters at 245 Hammersmith
Corten Steel Planters at 245 Hammersmith

Corten Steel Finish

245 Hammersmith at Night - © Lea Hoare

Corten steel planters creates extensice thoroughfares

The design for a plaza and park surrounding 245 Hammersmith was ambitious. The vision included a grand sweeping stairway with built-in seating and plants. The public space combined lush open lawns with vibrant planted areas that required various height planters for an inspiring and highly creative space. A mix of curves and straight-edged planters were needed to create the extensive thoroughfares as well as the practical, yet collaborative recreational terraces.

The design, landscape, and usage were all carefully considered when choosing appropriate products. Corten steel was used to draw a breathtaking contrast between the concrete, decking, and green shrubs, as the surface patina gradually turns into the shades of orange and brown it is famous for, as it weathers over time.

Bespoke Planter heights varied between 295mm and 2254mm to create interesting shapes and to meet the practical elements of construction. In total, 20 planters were designed, manufactured, and delivered to the site, in modular bolt-together sections for simple installation at the site.

245 Hammersmith at night - © Lea Hoare
Corten steel Planter at 245 Hammersmith
Corten Steel Planter at 245 Hammersmith

Award-winning Design

245 Hammersmith won in the Commercial Build category at the Pro Landscaper’s 2021 Podium Awards. The reconfiguration of the site, in collaboration with Exterior Architecture and Sheppard Robson architects, created an opportunity to step the building back from Hammersmith Road, allowing for a new streetscape that is linked to a large plaza at ground level. The plaza leads through to an elevated podium garden, with a funicular lift mediating the 8m level change between the two spaces.

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