What Pedestals Should I use for a Fire-safe Roof Terrace?

Decking systems for balconies, terraces, and roof spaces on residential buildings that are 18 metres or higher must conform to the Building (Amendment) Regulations 2018 introduced by the UK Government following the 2017 fire at West London’s Grenfell Tower.

When the fire from a malfunctioning domestic appliance reached the building’s external cladding, it quickly engulfed the tower block, resulting in 72 deaths. Tragically, this could have been avoided if the original non-combustible cladding had been replaced with a like product, but cost savings lay behind a fatal decision to use a highly combustible alternative.

The regulations stipulate that materials used on building exteriors must be fire-rated to at least Euroclass Class A2 – s1 d0. This applies not only to the decking surface and the frame that supports it but to all components used on the terrace system, including the pedestals that raise, level, and stabilise the frame.

It is important to understand that as these regulations only apply to residential buildings 18 metres or higher, some decking pedestals on the market may still be permitted, but only on lower buildings.

What’s special about Class A rated pedestals?

For terrace system pedestals to achieve a Class A fire rating, every component of the pedestal must be made from Class A rated non-combustible materials. This means that in the event of a fire, the pedestals will continue to provide stable support for the decking during the critical period of evacuation and firefighting.

Height-adjustable Class A pedestals will also

  • not give off toxic fumes, black smoke or flaming, molten particles when exposed to fire
  • not require additional plastic or rubber shims or spacers (which are not Class A fire rated) to achieve a level, stable deck
  • accommodate heavier loads
  • be more resistant to corrosion, weather conditions and UV deterioration
Raaft Fire-rated Metal Pedestal

Raaft Fire-Rated Metal Pedestals

Raaft Fire-rated Adjustable Pedestals, are easy to install along with Class A extruded aluminium substructure joists.

Raaft Aluminium Joists are lightweight, corrosion and weather-resistant, and provide a platform for decking and tiles terrace surfaces that is strong enough to support filled steel planters and other terrace features.

See how Raaft build and construct a fire-safe roof terrace.