The Challenge

Unless a building has been designed to feature a roof terrace, flat roof construction may be unable to cope with the weight loading.

Large landscaping features such as planters can create heavy, localised downward pressure. Adding reinforcement below these points may not be feasible, financially or technically.

Roof terrace

The Solution

The Raaft® terrace system mitigates localised weight loading by using a framework of loadbearing joists and support pedestals.

Our modular extruded aluminium system uses interlocking joists and bracing struts to create a strong yet lightweight platform.

Height-adjustable pedestals support, stabilise and level the platform to ensure the weight is evenly distributed for maximum support.

  • Prevent waterlogging - Rainwater retention in planter soil will considerably add to the overall weight of the system. Placed under planters, Raaft® floor structure panels are perforated to allow easy drainage that prevents waterlogging.
  • Lightweight materials - The choice of decking material can also significantly change the weight loading of your roof terrace. Raaft® porcelain decking and tiles compare favourably with the durability of wood and composite decking and the weight of natural stone and concrete products.
  • Structural assistance - With data provided by your project’s assigned structural engineer, we can help you calculate safe weight loading and distribution across your terrace.


Benefits of the Raaft terrace system

Design freedom

Terrafina, Atria® and Farrino is available in a variety aesthetically-pleasing colours, effects and finishes. The terrace system is further complemented by a range of beautiful steel planters and exciting roof-top furniture.

Quick to install

The Raaft support structure is quick and easy to install without the need for specialist tools. A series of innovative clips hold the surfaces in place and can be quickly removed to allow for access and essential maintenance.


Farrino Porcelain Decking and Fire-rated Pedestals and Joists (all core components in the fire-rated system) through to the planters are made from Class A fire-rated materials.


Atria® and Farrino Porcelain is a safe, non-slip terrace. It has a slip resistance of R11 when tested to DIN 51130 (the Ramp Test) and Class 3 when tested to UNE-ENV 12633: 2003 (the Pendulum Test).

The complete terrace system that’s transforming spaces across the globe.

Raaft across the globe