The Challenge

The pervasive issue of water pooling on porcelain tiles, particularly during the winter months, prompted a significant concern in a domestic building. Despite the tiles being rated R11 or higher, the accumulation of water turning into ice led to the removal of porcelain from specifications on roof terraces across the UK.

Efficient water drainage is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles, known for their water resistance, can still be susceptible to damage and safety hazards if water accumulates on their surface. Proper drainage prevents issues such as warping, staining and slipperiness, ensuring the tiles remain durable and safe.

Adequate drainage also plays a key role in preventing mold, algae and mildew growth, preserving the tiles' aesthetic appeal, and safeguarding the underlying substrate. In outdoor applications, proper drainage is crucial to prevent freeze-thaw damage. Regular inspections and maintenance, along with sound installation practices, contribute to the overall success of porcelain tile installations by addressing drainage issues promptly.

This unexpected challenge necessitated a thoughtful and innovative solution.

Roof terrace

The Solution- Venice Clip

In response to the water pooling dilemma, Raaft® has introduced the Venice Clip, a meticulously designed product addressing the issue at its core. This discreet and effective solution facilitates the drainage of water from tiles within a 1-hour timeframe, aligning with NHBC 9.1.15 guidelines. Ensuring that standing water does not exceed 5mm in depth or 1m2 in area, the Venice Clip provides a comprehensive remedy.

The product's inconspicuous design, utilizing transparent or customizable materials, enables seamless integration with Raaft® specified tiles. The retro-fit design allows for a quick and easy application, rectifying existing projects plagued by water pooling on porcelain tiles. Moreover, its versatility extends to projects with non-wind uplift installations. Another factor contributing to the greenish hue of standing water is the proliferation of algae. Utilizing Venice clips can help mitigate the potential growth of algae on the water's surface.

During installation, and in scenarios where wind uplift is specified, the Venice Clip's design shines. The clip, securely inserted into the groove, not only ensures a snug fit but also acts as a protective 'buffer' against neighboring tiles. This feature facilitates smooth removal and reinstallation processes, providing a comprehensive and practical solution to the challenges posed by water pooling on porcelain tiles.


Benefits of the Raaft terrace system

Design freedom

Terrafina, Atria® and Farrino is available in a variety aesthetically-pleasing colours, effects and finishes. The terrace system is further complemented by a range of beautiful steel planters and exciting roof-top furniture.

Quick to install

The Raaft® support structure is quick and easy to install without the need for specialist tools. A series of innovative clips hold the surfaces in place and can be quickly removed to allow for access and essential maintenance.


Farrino Porcelain Decking and Fire-rated Pedestals and Joists (all core components in the fire-rated system) through to the planters are made from Class A fire-rated materials.


Atria® and Farrino Porcelain is a safe, non-slip terrace. It has a slip resistance of R11 when tested to DIN 51130 (the Ramp Test) and Class 3 when tested to UNE-ENV 12633: 2003 (the Pendulum Test).

The complete terrace system that’s transforming spaces across the globe.

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