The Challenge

Uneven or sloping surfaces pose a common challenge in construction projects, leading to potential safety hazards and complications during the installation of raised flooring or outdoor paving. Water pooling on such surfaces can result in slippery conditions and damage. The use of a slope corrector addresses these issues by providing a practical and adaptable solution, ensuring a level and stable final surface while facilitating efficient drainage.

Roof terrace

The Solution

A slope correctors  primary purpose is to ensure a level and stable final surface, compensating for irregularities in the underlying substrate. The use of slope correctors eliminates water pooling issues, enhances safety, and contributes to long-term stability. These systems are easy to install, adaptable to various surfaces, and are commonly integrated into pedestal systems, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative to extensive site preparation.

Benefits of the Raaft terrace system

Design freedom

Terrafina, Atria® and Farrino is available in a variety aesthetically-pleasing colours, effects and finishes. The terrace system is further complemented by a range of beautiful steel planters and exciting roof-top furniture.

Quick to install

The Raaft® support structure is quick and easy to install without the need for specialist tools. A series of innovative clips hold the surfaces in place and can be quickly removed to allow for access and essential maintenance.


Farrino Porcelain Decking and Fire-rated Pedestals and Joists (all core components in the fire-rated system) through to the planters are made from Class A fire-rated materials.


Atria® and Farrino Porcelain is a safe, non-slip terrace. It has a slip resistance of R11 when tested to DIN 51130 (the Ramp Test) and Class 3 when tested to UNE-ENV 12633: 2003 (the Pendulum Test).

The complete terrace system that’s transforming spaces across the globe.

Raaft across the globe