Parma Oak

Oak is what you can opt for when you are looking for a light surface finish in your design. It's a shade that really accentuates its surroundings, especially a podium or roof terrace surrounded by green spaces. Farrino Oak should automatically become an ideal choice for these outdoor places.

When the slats in this tone are placed next to each other, they form an exciting pattern, and because of being light-coloured, Farrino Oak serves a perfect contrast to loud and dark furniture.

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Suitable for:

  • Raaft's fully modular BRooft(t4) Terrace System 
  • Use with Raaft Fire-rated Adjustable Pedestals and non-combustible Raaft Joists.  
  • Outdoor installations where humidity could present a problem for wood, resins, plastics and other types of materials


  • Non-combustible
  • High resistance to abrasion due to technical characteristics 
  • Frost resistance 
  • Anti-slip 
  • Thermostable 
  • Highly resistant to stains
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