Florence Millstone

Florence Millstone brings indoor and outdoor spaces to life with these natural and earthy stone effect colours. Each tile is 20mm thick and available in four sizes.

20mm External Tiles

Normal Size
Working Size*
Product Code
Slip Resistance
600mm x 600mm 596mm x 596mm 402014 R11
450mm x 900mm 446mm x 895mm 402010 R11
1200mm x 1200mm 1194mm x 1194mm 402016 R11
300mm x 2400mm 297mm x 2390mm 402023 R11
1200mm x 2400mm 1194mm x 1194mm 402020 R11

* The Working Size refers to the actual rectified size of each tile. This is the measurement to be used when creating working drawings.

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