In the ever-evolving landscape of urban living, rooftop gardens have emerged as a trend that beautifully separates the concrete jungles of our cities with the serenity of natural beauty. They are a testament to the limitless possibilities of modern architecture and design, transforming an ordinary rooftop into a vibrant, living canvas.

But aside from the obvious visual improvements, why should businesses consider a rooftop terrace garden? Let's explore five compelling reasons that extend beyond mere aesthetics and reveal the true value of this unique urban retreat.

1. Maximise your space with a rooftop terrace

Where ground space is limited in busy cities full of office buildings, rooftop terrace gardens allow you to make the most of every square foot available to you. Whether you want to create an outdoor break area for employees, a welcoming space for clients and guests, or a picturesque venue for corporate events, a rooftop terrace is like adding an extra floor to your building without the need for costly construction.

These elevated green spaces provide a versatile canvas for your creative vision. The possibilities are endless, and with strategic planning, you can maximise your rooftop's potential, making it an integral part of your workspace that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

rooftop terrace project

2. Escape the concrete jungle

City living (and working) often means being surrounded by concrete and steel. A rooftop garden offers a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It provides a slice of nature in the midst of an urban jungle, serving as a breath of fresh air for both employees and visitors.

The soothing sound of rustling leaves replaces the constant hum of traffic, and the scent of blooming flowers fills the air. With a rooftop terrace garden, you can briefly forget the stress of deadlines and meetings, finding a moment of peace high above the city streets.

Roof terrace planters

3. Rooftop terrace gardens offer environmental benefits

Green rooftops have a positive impact on the environment. They help reduce the urban heat island effect by absorbing heat and providing natural insulation, which can lead to lower energy bills. Rooftop gardens also contribute to improved air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. On top of this, they create a habitat for birds, butterflies, and other pollinators, promoting biodiversity even in the heart of the city.

environmental benefits of roof terrace

4. Improve health and well-being

Spending time in a rooftop garden has numerous health benefits. Exposure to sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D, boosting your mood and immune system.

For businesses, investing in employee well-being through a rooftop garden can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduced workplace stress. This, in turn, can contribute to higher productivity, better employee retention, and a healthier work environment. Thus, a rooftop garden is more than just a green space - it's a sanctuary that supports the health and happiness of those who inhabit it.

Roof terrace project - Old Smoke House

5. Increase property value

Rooftop terrace gardens are not only a paradise for employees and visitors, but they can also serve as a significant asset that boosts the overall value of your commercial property. This enhancement extends beyond aesthetics and directly impacts the financial worth of your investment.

Firstly, a well-designed rooftop garden adds an extra layer of functionality to your property. This added square footage can be a game-changer when it comes to attracting potential tenants or buyers who see the value in having an outdoor oasis as an extension of their workspace.

Furthermore, a rooftop garden can set your property apart from competitors. In a crowded market, having a unique feature like a lush and inviting rooftop space can make your property more appealing and memorable. This distinctiveness can justify higher rental or leasing rates and increase the overall return on investment.

Roof terrace project - Underwood Street

Rooftop terrace solutions from Raaft

Whether you are looking to incorporate a rooftop terrace into a new building or add it to an existing property, it’s important you understand what challenges you might face and the products that are available to help you resolve these.

As a leading UK designer and manufacturer of roof terrace and planter systems, roof decking and tiles, Raaft can assist you at every stage of the design, specification, and installation process. To discuss your ideas for a roof terrace, contact the experts at Raaft today. We’re always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.