Farrino Porcelain – Sustainability & Carbon Footprint

When we talk about sustainable buildings we naturally think of using reclaimed brick and stone or products such as sustainably-sourced timber and sheep’s wool insulation, but our porcelain decking boards are also a highly sustainable product with a low carbon footprint.

Natural, sustainable raw materials

Porcelain is manufactured from clay and minerals that are in plentiful supply, but also contains a very high percentage of pre-consumer recycled content recovered during the manufacturing process. This significantly reduces the amount of virgin material required for production and the volume of manufacturing waste.

Low-impact transportation

Every effort is made to ensure virgin raw materials are sourced as close to the manufacturing plant as possible, to reduce carbon footprint.

Packaging of finished products is minimised to reduce the volume of packaging where possible, without compromising the protection of the products during storage and transportation. This is to avoid breakages that in turn increase the environmental impact of product wastage, manufacturing, and transport.

Extended lifespan

The durability of porcelain means it will last longer than any other exterior decking material. Less frequent replacement means less usage of natural materials, reduced manufacturing and less transportation.

Cleaning and maintenance

Porcelain is easily cleaned with warm water and mild detergents that pose no environmental threat. While other decking materials may require regular treatment with chemicals to seal the surface, protect them from moss and deterioration or maintain their beauty, porcelain only needs a light clean to restore its pristine looks.

Farrino – the greenest choice for decking and terrace systems

This means that Farrino porcelain is not only a premium quality decking with elegant Spanish style, a hardwearing and low-maintenance surface, and a Class A1 fire-rated product suitable for high-rise buildings; it’s also an excellent choice for sustainable, environmentally-responsible private, commercial, and public sector developments.

Available exclusively from Terrace System manufacturers and suppliers Raaft, Farrino porcelain decking is manufactured in five ultra-realistic colourways to replicate the warmth and character of traditional and contemporary timber decking, without the upkeep.

Farrino Porcelain

The greenest choice for decking and terrace systems.