Terrace System Manufacturting and Product Development

The Raaft design, manufacturing and marketing teams are constantly exploring trends in the landscaping industry, predicting and creating demand for new products. This global capability also means we can take new and bespoke products from design concept to installation in record time.

We focus on modifying existing products to make them even better quality, more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, and both easier and safer to install.

We manufacture all our products to extremely high specifications and quality control standards, with rapid delivery of small batch production being one of our key customer benefits.

Adding Value to our Customers

Our objective to control our manufacturing is down to several reasons:

  • Reduce transport, improve our carbon footprint and our sourcing flexibility
  • We can develop and improve products according to Global market demands
  • Great products, with total flexibility and control of QUALITY, PRICES, and LEAD times!
  • Opportunities to continuously develop new and better products for the future

The ability to negotiate and source raw material and manufacture both stock and bespoke products has been a major step forward for the company, increasing our value to the contractors, especially in higher demand like we are currently.

In addition to metal, having recently invested in a laser sintering 3D printer, we are now able to manufacture both prototypes and parts for the terrace system, enabling us to respond to recent urgent requirements.

Whenever a situation arises that we are not able to manufacture products ourselves, our priority is always to source within the UK, as we believe in supporting our home economy.  Britain has entered a new era, and those who are geared up to meet the challenges will surely be the ones to succeed!


Watch: Terrace System Manufacturing