Farrino - Silver

Extruded porcelain decking board where environmental conditions are not an obstacle to place it, as with other types of materials such as wood, resin, or plastic. It offers durability and resistance to abrupt thermal variations and stains. Farrino Porcelain Decking is suitable for residential, commercial, and high-traffic areas due to its high technical characteristics such as anti-slip properties even in wet conditions, mechanical strength, and abrasion resistance.

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Profile Height 26mm
Length 1.202m
Width 141mm
Thickness 26mm

Suitable for:

  • Raaft's fully modular Class A fire-rated Terrace System 
  • Use with Raaft Fire-rated Adjustable Pedestals and non-combustible Raaft Joists.  
  • Outdoor installations where humidity could present a problem for wood, resins, plastics and other types of materials


  • Class A Fire-rated 
  • High resistance to abrasion due to technical characteristics 
  • Frost resistance 
  • Anti-slip 
  • Thermostable 
  • Highly resistant to stains 
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