Angular Planter Walls

Angular Planter Walls are designer planter wall panels that slant inwards and outwards, with various angles and prism shapes. With these planter walls, you can specify various angles and prism shaped edging to delineate pathways and green spaces. You have the opportunity to create something revolutionary that will be a talking point for years to come.

Raaft Timber Benches can easily be incorporated into Angular Planter Walls which add highly desirable relaxation areas.

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Suitable for:

  • Podiums and terraces
  • Plazas and public areas
  • Private gardens


  • Design options enable you to create an intense visual impact that will set your landscape apart from others
  • Robust planter system combines quality with style
  • Get creative - planters can become sculptural elements to create a unique landscape
  • Available in a choice of finishes – corten, galvanised, powder-coated or stainless steel
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