Farrino 2.0 - Smoke

Grey, like Smoke hence the name. An Light, Airy finish that just brings your terrace to life. Being fire, wind, and slip safe, Farrino is the perfect solution for a roof terrace that needs to comply with fire safety regulations.

Manufactured in Italy, and tailor-made for commercial establishments for being reliable, durable and elegant, Raaft's own designed Decking board is a perfect choice for your terrace, especially when mixed with darker planter walls and furniture to contrast.

Technical Support

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Suitable for:

  • Raaft's fully modular Class A fire-rated Terrace System 
  • Use with Raaft Fire-rated Adjustable Pedestals and non-combustible Raaft Joists.  
  • Outdoor installations where humidity could present a problem for wood, resins, plastics and other types of materials


  • Class A Fire-rated 
  • High resistance to abrasion due to technical characteristics 
  • Frost resistance 
  • Anti-slip 
  • Thermostable 
  • Highly resistant to stains 

Product Spec's

Profile Height/Thickness


Board Length


Board Width


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