By their very nature, roof terraces tend to be on the smaller side. But that’s not to say they can’t be made to look and feel inviting. With just a few design tricks and the help from various products, a once constricted and unsightly roof terrace can become a space of absolute pleasure.

If you’re a landscape architect or contractor looking to create an inspiring roof terrace, you may have run into a similar issue. Whilst a lack of space can constrict your vision, there are a number of ways to bypass this and make the most from your available space.

In this article, we explore three ways to make the best use of space when designing a roof terrace.

1. Bring the inside, outside

Often at times, your living space will open up to your outdoor terrace and create an opportunity to combine the two. In this instance, have a go at making the landscape feel part of the inside.

Instead of treating the inside and outside as separate areas, you integrate the two for an open plan feel.

To achieve this, select outside furniture that is of the same style to the inside. You can also specify matching tiles to help support the idea of one big space.

Essentially, anything that makes your inside and outside areas feel in sync will create the illusion of a bigger space.

Roof terrace

2. Embrace the environment

The main difference between a roof terrace and a ground-level terrace is that you can’t plant into the ground. However, that doesn’t mean your project has to go without nature.

Adding plenty of plants around the edges of your roof will not only increase its environmental value but will help blur the roof boundaries for a greater sense of space.

The installation of modern planter systems are a sleek and creative way to accomplish this effect. With various products and finishes to choose from, you can really bring the best out of any roof terrace space.

At Raaft, we supply a range of first choice planters alongside our complete terrace system to give architects and contractors the products they need to solve all types of project challenges. From Integrated Planter Benches, through to Curved and Straight Planter Walls with endless design possibilities, we have you covered.

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Roof terrace planters

3. Create ambiance

Lighting is a fantastic way to extend the feeling of your outside space. It can be used to add a sense of depth and shade to your roof terrace, and even create eye-catching patterns that take your eyes away from the boundaries.

Lighting can also be used to add drama and atmosphere. By picking out the key design features of your roof terrace, you can direct light in a way that enhances certain aspects as night falls.

As well, projecting light from your roof terrace can help the space feel more open. When the sun begins to set and the sky darkens, light will help your see further into the distance for a larger sense of space.

roof terrace lighting

Make greater use of space with Raaft – The complete roof terrace system

At Raaft, our roof terrace products are engineered to work together so that you can build what’s right for your space. From the perfect decking and tile combinations, through to adjustable support systems and diverse range of planters, we supply all you need for a flawless terrace space.

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