With the installation of decking, the foundations that support your work are key to the project’s success. By offering the right protection, support, and stability, you’ll ensure a long-lasting and quality space for your customer to enjoy.

When it comes to decking for roof terraces, these principles still apply. In fact, they’re even more important.

If not supported correctly, weathering, wind, and maintenance issues can cause roofs to deteriorate quite quickly. Fortunately, though, adjustable pedestals can be used to help protect your outdoor features and bring a host of other benefits too.

In this article, we explore those benefits and how adjustable pedestals can improve your roof terrace project.

1. Easily correct a sloping surface

Despite the name, all flat roofs need to be slightly angled in some direction. This is necessary for allowing water to run off towards an appropriate drainage system.

However, for a decked area of a roof terrace, you’ll want to create a flat and safe surface for people to relax on.

By installing a deck on adjustable pedestals, the surface can be adjusted to be perfectly level, despite sitting on a roof with up to a 7% slope. Simply adjust the pedestals to get taller as your roof slopes down and achieve an even surface throughout.

metal adjustable pedestal

2. Maintain roof integrity

Adjustable pedestals create a natural void between the decking and roof surface. This allows any rainwater to escape to the roof drains and prevents the build-up of unwanted moisture. Which could otherwise cause long-term problems for the roofing membrane.

The area created beneath the decking also provides a perfect place to run any pipes or cables, keeping them hidden for a clean look to your terrace.

Essentially, adjustable pedestals reduce the incidence of moisture-build-up, whilst providing a way to maximise the aesthetical value of your project.

terrace decking

3. Save time and money

Adjustable pedestals are hugely recommended, purely on the fact they can save a lot of time and money. Since adjustable pedestals work effectively on rough surfaces, you don’t need to spend time making corrections for a completely even surface before installation.

They can be applied to the roof surface and are simple to install for decking, helping you reduce material, construction, and lifestyle costs.

4. Facilitate easy maintenance

Maintenance of water and electrical lines becomes a lot more manageable with adjustable decking pedestals. The gaps enable you to check utility lines on a regular basis, detect problems early and make any necessary repairs.

terrace decking

Make your roof terrace job simple with adjustable pedestals

At Raaft, our complete roof terrace system is designed from the ground up. With metal adjustable pedestals that provide ideal support for your roof terrace, you can ensure a quality support system that your project and client deserve.

Our pedestals are made from a zinc-coated steel and available in a range of 16 adjustable heights. Each can be easily adjusted to the height you desire and provide the ultimate stability for your roof terrace decking. They are non-combustible and corrosion-resistant for optimal use and the flat base diameter ensures an even load distribution.

For more on our roof terrace system and how Raaft could support your project, get in touch with our expert team today. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.